About Cafiend

At Cafiend, we seek to provide equal opportunities for anyone looking to enter the Creative Industries by providing training, guidance and employment.

Our Purpose

Cafiend’s purpose is to create a new labour market by training people with diversabilities and guiding companies to maximise their potential in order to bring financial security to a segment of the population that frequently faces discrimination.

It’s About Abilities

It’s what we can do, and not what we cannot. As technological advancements progress, the need for the traditional worker is decreasing. Yet job listings stay the same, and the requirements don’t change.

It’s About Being Human

We all come with a list of strengths and weaknesses, so why shouldn’t everyone be judged solely based on the skill requirements of the job? 

It’s About Opportunities

If we have the abilities and skills required for the job, shouldn’t we get the access to the same opportunities that are made available?

We all deserve to be treated fairly.

It doesn’t take much to treat everyone fairly, regardless of their disabilities – visible or not. In this day and age of the digital worker, where the physical barriers to a fulfilling career no longer exist, shouldn’t we all have a chance to reach our fullest potentials? 

We are here to help


through our partnership with educational institutions and other training facilities


through our various initiatives, and through placements in other companies


through our guidance and engagement services to other organisations

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